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Published on January 6th, 2013 | by cinderboy


Age of Wushu – A brief look at the new wedding system

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Updated 2 days ago into the Taiwan server, the new wedding system is the major content being added for Age of Wushu. Small details such as proposing, engagement process, wedding banquet etc are all included, which makes the whole experience more authentic. And of course, choosing the right date for the big occasion!
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Partner selection – There will be a NPC to handle choosing of the suitable bride. It is something like the modern dating websites, where details of the players such as hobbies, habits etc can be seen. Players will search via this NPC to find his or her preferred in-game spouse. Female players can indicate they are looking for the suitable groom, while the male players can send confessions through.
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Proposal – Through the same NPC, a male player can propose to his potential in-game spouse. If the female player agrees, she will receive a sum (from the guy) as the dowry, while the amount will be returned to the male player if rejected. The proposal can be canceled if the female player does not reply in 2 days. Once both sides agree to the wedding, a new status will cause both to be unable to propose or be proposed to. Shaolin characters can only propose if they have obtained the “Secular Disciple” title.
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Agreement – A female player may receive several proposals, but can only agree to 1. If a proposal is not agreed to within 3 days, it will be canceled.
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The wedding – Once both sides agree, a wedding date must be chosen, which cannot be changed. An in-game banquet package must then be chosen for the wedding dinner, followed by sending invitations to friends to attend. Both players will then receive a “Wedding Ring” item, allowing them to teleport to each other.
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14 Responses to Age of Wushu – A brief look at the new wedding system

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  3. Hobbes says:

    So no same-sex marriage? Games need to evolve to allow that…

    • cinderboy says:

      Since when did you see same gender-marriage in ancient, martial arts China =.= It is still a taboo in modern China iirc.

      • xAxwellx says:

        LOL. To be perfectly fair though even if they didn’t want to put it in, it really wouldn’t be something worth players getting upset over.

      • Hobbes says:

        It doesn’t have to be accurate in that department! Me and my boyfriend like playing games together so it bugs us when we always see same sex couples allowed to marry in games but not same gender.

        And it shouldn’t be “taboo” anywhere. It’s not something that can be helped.

        • xAxwellx says:

          I don’t think China are not as “liberal” as the many western countries, hence why it’s taboo. That and it’s not something that they decided was taboo overnight, you’re talking about thousands of years of culture and thinking that’s passed down to and ingrained in each successive generation. It’s also just a marriage system in a video game, i.e. not worth even being irked about.

          • xAxwellx says:

            That should read: “I think China are not as…”

            • Good point, those of us who live in western society tend to think that what we do is what is right for *everyone* everywhere, we forget that we are not the only society on the planet. Whats right for us is wrong for someone else, and that’s okay.
              I applaud Hobbes and his gaming boyfriend, but to say “Games need to evolve to allow that” um… well, no they don’t. Having an open mind works both ways.

              • Liamface says:

                Your whole ‘open mind’ argument makes no sense. Open mind would imply that they are willing to put aside any differences that may stop or negate something from happening.

                Lets be honest, allowing same-sex marriage isn’t going to hurt anyone. The people who really care about it not being in games, are the people whose IQ is below average.

                I’m close minded about this ‘issue’ because it’s stupid it even exists in the first place. There should be no problem.

                Would you say the same thing if I argued abuse against children and women were apart of my culture, therefore you can’t tell me it’s wrong?

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